March 2020 Museum News

Jack Russell Terrier Museum - March 2020 NewsThe Museum is now approaching three years since its founding in July 2017. Thanks to your support we have managed to build a good foundation, and the Museum is up and running and has a lot to see. It will be greatly expanded in the years to come.
Please remember that we operate ENTIRELY on donations. We will be holding our main Benefit Trial fundraiser June 6-7 in Littlestown, PA. Please join us for a fun terrier weekend – if you are unable to attend, please sponsor a trial class. We hope to raise enough funds to cover our operating expenses through the rest of this year.
Our main focus this year will be to fulfill our purpose of EDUCATION to the general public and continuing to expand the web site and the Museum itself. We will be working closely with the JRTCA towards purchasing a property that will permanently house the Museum. This is very important – we cannot expand and fulfill our mission without space to do so, and space that will be a permanent investment and prevent more costly moves in the future. We have just about filled up all of the space that we are now renting, and it is a small portion of what we want to display.
PLEASE SUPPORT THE HOMESTEAD! We need to have money for a down payment to make this dream become a reality. We did it three years ago, we made the Museum a reality, we can do it again and put a permanent roof over our heads!
You can make a donation on line here at this website, or you can send it in to the central office at 16925 York Road, Suite B, Monkton, MD 21111. Your donations are tax deductible, and no amount is too large or too small. We want to make this happen THIS YEAR! Your support will help us get there!
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