April 2020 Museum News

With the COVID-19 virus keeping most of the country on lock-down we are forced to consider whether or not to cancel our June Benefit Trial scheduled for June 6-7. The decision has not been made at this time; we will make the decision in early May. This is the major fund-raiser for the Museum’s annual operating expenses, so we truly hope we can proceed. If not, we will reschedule for later in the year.  Please remember that the Museum operates ENTIRELY on donations. If you are able to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated!

We are continuing to fulfill our purpose of EDUCATION to the general public and continuing to expand the web site and the Museum itself. We are working closely with the JRTCA towards purchasing a property that will permanently house the Museum. This is very important – we cannot expand and fulfill our mission without space to do so, and space that will be a permanent investment and prevent more costly moves in the future. Our efforts are delayed due to the problems in the country currently.

While things are quiet, we are not asleep! We are still working for the preservation of the true Jack Russell Terrier!

Thank you!​

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